Ftr vs Briscoes: Brutal Dog Collar Match Showdown

Ftr won the dog collar match against Briscoe. This intense and physically demanding match took place in the ring of honor (roh) with both teams fighting for victory.

The dog collar match is a hardcore wrestling match where both wrestlers are attached by a chain tethered to their collars. The goal is to pin the opponent or make them submit while dragging them around the ring on all fours using the chain.

The match was brutal, with both teams unleashing a series of painful moves and earning loud cheers from the live audience. Ftr emerged victorious, solidifying its position as one of the most dominant tag teams in the industry.

Ftr vs Briscoes: Brutal Dog Collar Match Showdown


FAQ For Ftr Vs Briscoes Dog Collar Match

What Is A Dog Collar Match In Wrestling?

A dog collar match is a type of professional wrestling match. In this match, the wrestlers are connected with a chain or collar fixed around their necks.

Who Are Ftr And Briscoes In Wrestling?

Ftr stands for ‘the Revolt’ which is an american professional wrestling tag team while Briscoes is also a professional wrestling tag team that has been actively participating since 2000.

What Is The History Of Dog Collar Matches In Wrestling?

The dog collar match originated in the 1970s in a match between roddy piper and Greg Valentine. The match has become quite famous in wrestling since then, and today many wrestlers participate in this.

What Are The Rules Of A Dog Collar Match?

The rules of this match require that both wrestlers are connected through a dog collar and chain. The match usually starts outside the ring, and the opponent must be pinned or submitted. No disqualification or count-out rules apply in a dog collar match.

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What Is The Intended Outcome Of A Dog Collar Match?

The purpose of this match is to win by pinfall or submission. The match is considered a hardcore match, and the wrestlers may use the chain or collar as a weapon. The goal is to weaken your opponent using the chain, thus making it easier to pin or submit them.


In the world of professional wrestling, the ftr and Briscoes dog collar match have cemented its place as an unforgettable bout. This highly entertaining and physically grueling bout left fans at the edge of their seats. From the start, both teams displayed their immense skills, engaging in an intense battle that demonstrated their years of experience.

With no room for error, the ftr and Briscoes kept the momentum going, showcasing their exceptional in-ring abilities. While the ftr came out victorious, the Briscoes gave it their all, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. This match was an intense, action-packed spectacle that kept fans engaged from beginning to end.

Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, this is a match worth watching for its sheer entertainment value. The ftr and Briscoes have certainly created a masterpiece and one that shall be talked about for years to come.