How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your House: Eliminate Odors Fast!

How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your House

Get rid of dog smell in your house by regularly washing dog toys, blankets, and beds, cleaning up accidents immediately, leaving things that smell good around, using baking soda, opening windows, and vacuuming regularly. A dog’s scent can linger in a house for several weeks to months, depending on the severity of the odor and the materials in the home.

Regular cleaning and using an odor generator can help reduce the time it takes for the scent to dissipate. Additionally, you can use essential oils such as lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, and orange to neutralize the dog smell.

How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your House: Eliminate Odors Fast!


Benefits Of Eliminating Dog Smell

Getting rid of the dog smell in your house brings numerous benefits that go beyond just eliminating unpleasant odors. So why should you make it a priority to get rid of that lingering dog smell? Let’s take a closer look at the benefits below:

1.1 Improved Indoor Air Quality

When you eliminate dog smell from your house, you significantly improve the indoor air quality. Dogs can leave behind dander, fur, and saliva, which can contribute to poor air quality and trigger allergies or respiratory issues. By eliminating the dog smell, you create a healthier and fresher environment for everyone in the house.

1.2 Enhance Comfort And Livability

Living in a house that constantly smells like dogs can be uncomfortable and diminish the overall livability. It can be embarrassing to have guests over or even enjoy your own space. By getting rid of the dog smell, you enhance the comfort and livability of your home, making it a more pleasant place to relax and spend time in.

1.3 Create A Positive Impression

The smell of dogs can leave a lasting impression on visitors, whether it’s friends, family, or potential buyers if you’re planning to sell your house in the future. By eliminating the dog smell, you create a positive and inviting atmosphere that leaves a good impression on guests. This attention to cleanliness and freshness can make a significant difference in how your house is perceived and potentially increase its value.

Now that you understand the benefits of eliminating dog smell from your house, let’s delve into the actionable steps you can take to accomplish this.

How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your House: Eliminate Odors Fast!


Home Remedies For Eliminating Dog Smell

Eliminate dog smell from your house with these home remedies. Wash dog toys and bedding regularly, use baking soda, and open your windows to freshen the air. Vacuum regularly and leave things that smell good around to combat pet odors.

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2.1 Regular Cleaning And Vacuuming

One of the most effective ways to keep your house smelling fresh is by maintaining a regular cleaning and vacuuming routine. Regularly cleaning your floors, furniture, and other surfaces helps remove dirt, dander, and odor-causing particles.

To expedite the process and ensure efficient cleaning, invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. A clean vacuum ensures that you are not redistributing any particles or smells that have been previously picked up.

2.2 Washing Dog Toys, Blankets, And Beds

Washing your dog’s toys, blankets, and beds on a regular basis is essential for keeping your house smelling fresh. These items can harbor bacteria, dirt, and oils that can contribute to unpleasant dog odor.

Make sure to clean these items according to their care instructions. Use a pet-friendly detergent and wash them in hot water to kill any odor-causing bacteria.

2.3 Using Baking Soda And Essential Oils

Baking soda is a natural and effective odor absorber. Sprinkle it on your carpets, rugs, and furniture, and let it sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb the odor, leaving your house smelling fresh.

If you prefer a pleasant scent, you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda before sprinkling it. Essential oils such as lavender, lemon, or peppermint can help mask odors and leave a refreshing fragrance in your home.

2.4 Opening Windows For Ventilation

Another simple and effective way to eliminate dog smell is by opening windows for ventilation. Fresh air circulation helps remove stale odors and replaces them with clean, outdoor air. Ensure that you open windows in every room, including the areas where your dog spends the most time.

2.5 Deodorizing Floors And Carpets

To deodorize your floors and carpets, you can create a homemade deodorizing spray. In a spray bottle, mix equal parts water and white vinegar. Spray the mixture onto your floors and carpets, focusing on areas where your dog spends the most time.

Vinegar is known for its odor-neutralizing properties and can help eliminate dog smells. Make sure to test the solution on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it doesn’t damage your flooring or carpet.

2.6 Using Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are not just for freshening laundry; they can also be useful in eliminating dog smells. Place a few dryer sheets strategically around your house, such as under couch cushions or near your dog’s bed. The sheets will absorb odors and leave a pleasant scent.

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2.7 Maintaining A Clean Vacuum Cleaner

Avoiding dog smells requires not only regular cleaning but also maintaining a clean vacuum cleaner. Over time, vacuum cleaners can accumulate dirt and pet hair, which can contribute to unpleasant odors.

After each use, empty the vacuum canister and wash it with dish soap and warm water. This helps remove any trapped dirt or odors. Additionally, regularly replace the vacuum cleaner bag or empty the bagless canister to prevent any buildup of dirt and pet hair.

Professional Solutions For Eliminating Dog Smell

Discover professional solutions that effectively eliminate dog smell from your house. Learn how to get rid of the lingering odor with simple yet effective tips and tricks.

3.1 Air Purifiers And Odor Eliminators

If you’re struggling to get rid of that persistent dog smell in your house, consider investing in air purifiers and odor eliminators. These devices work wonders in improving the air quality and eliminating unwanted odors. Air purifiers use filters to remove allergens, pet dander, and other airborne particles, while odor eliminators neutralize and eliminate unpleasant smells.

When choosing an air purifier, opt for one specifically designed for pet owners. These models usually come with a carbon filter which can effectively trap and eliminate pet odors. Additionally, look for features like a HEPA filter to ensure maximum filtration efficiency.

To eliminate dog smells, place the air purifiers strategically throughout your house, focusing on areas where the odors are most concentrated. This includes rooms where your dog spends the most time, as well as carpeted areas and furniture.

3.2 Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

If you have tried various cleaning methods but can’t seem to get rid of the dog smell, it may be time to call in the professionals. Hiring a professional cleaning service can be a game-changer when it comes to eliminating dog odors from your home.

Professional cleaners have the expertise and specialized equipment to deep clean your carpets, upholstery, and other surfaces thoroughly. They can also target those hard-to-reach areas like vents and air ducts where odors can linger.

When hiring a professional cleaning service, make sure to inquire about their experience in dealing with pet odors. Ask for recommendations or read reviews to ensure you’re choosing a reputable company.

3.3 Using Scent-neutralizing Products

Another effective way to combat dog smells in your house is by using scent-neutralizing products. These products work by chemically altering the molecular structure of odors to eliminate them completely, rather than just masking them.

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There are several scent-neutralizing products available in the market, including sprays, powders, and candles. Look for products that are specifically formulated for pet odors and contain enzyme-based ingredients. These enzymes break down odor-causing molecules, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

To use scent-neutralizing products effectively, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Focus on treating areas where dog smells are most prominent, such as bedding, carpets, and upholstery.

How to Get the Dog Smell Out of Your House: Eliminate Odors Fast!


Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Get The Dog Smell Out Of Your House

How Do I Get Rid Of Dog Smell In My House?

To get rid of dog smell in your house, try these tips: 1. Wash your dog’s toys, blankets, and beds regularly. 2. Clean up dog accidents immediately. 3. Leave things that smell good around. 4. Use baking soda to absorb odor.

5. Open your windows for fresh air. 6. Vacuum regularly to remove pet hair and dander.

How Long Does It Take To Get Dog Smell Out Of A House?

Regular cleaning and using odor-eliminating methods can reduce dog smell in a house. The scent can dissipate in several weeks to months, depending on severity and materials used.

What Scent Gets Rid Of Dog Smell?

To get rid of dog smell, use natural odor absorbers like baking soda or essential oils such as lemon, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, tea tree, or orange. Sprinkle baking soda on carpets, rugs, and furniture, let it sit overnight, and vacuum it up the next day.

Can Dog Smell Go Away?

Yes, dog smell can go away. Regular cleaning, including washing furniture coverings and dog items, vacuuming everything, and bathing your pets regularly can help eliminate the smell. Using a vinegar solution and sprinkling baking soda on fabric items can also help.


Getting rid of the dog smell in your house is achievable with a few simple steps. Regularly wash your dog toys, blankets, and beds and clean up accidents immediately. Leave things that smell good around and use baking soda to absorb odors.

Opening your windows and vacuuming regularly can also help. Taking these measures will ensure that your house smells fresh and clean, even with furry friends around.