Battle of the Bowls: Ollie Dog Food vs Farmer’s Dog

Ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog provide high-quality, human-grade ingredients in their meals, but Ollie offers customized feeding plans while Farmer’s Dog offers more protein options. As pet owners become increasingly concerned about the quality of their pets’ food, ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog have emerged as two of the top companies offering fresh, human-grade dog food.

Ollie’s main draw is its customized feeding plans, tailored to each dog’s needs based on its weight, age, activity level, and other factors. Farmer’s dog, on the other hand, offers a variety of protein options, including beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and fish.

Both companies use eco-friendly packaging and offer subscription-based deliveries for convenience. In this comparison between Ollie dog food vs farmer’s dog, we’ll take a closer look at each company’s products and features.

Battle of the Bowls: Ollie Dog Food vs Farmer's Dog



Ollie and Farmer’s Dogs prioritize high-quality and fresh ingredients for dog food. Comparing the ingredients used by both brands, Ollie typically sources from u. s. farms and uses a mix of fruits and vegetables with premium meats. Farmer’s Dog emphasizes human-grade meat, often organic, and a variety of vegetables.

While both brands avoid fillers and preservatives, farmer’s Dog offers more customization options suitable for dogs with specific dietary needs. The quality of ingredients impacts a dog’s health and happiness, making it essential to choose a brand that prioritizes fresh and high-quality ingredients.

By selecting a premium dog food brand that values quality ingredients, pet owners ensure their furry friends experience optimal nutrition in their diet.


Ollie dog food and farmer’s dog are popular pet food options. Here’s a cost comparison of the two products. Ollie’s plans start at $3 per day, while farmer’s dog’s plans start at $2 per day. However, Ollie’s prices increase for larger dogs, whereas farmer’s dog’s prices remain the same.

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Ollie offers a more customized feeding plan, and their food is human-grade, grain-free, and filler-free. On the other hand, a farmer’s dog is all-natural with whole food ingredients. Both brands offer high-quality products that prioritize your pet’s nutrition. Ultimately, both products offer excellent value for money, and the one you choose will depend on your preferences and budget.

Delivery And Subscription

Ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog offer delivery and subscription options. Both services are convenient and cater to busy pet owners. Ollie dog food delivers customized meals based on the dog’s nutritional needs. The subscription can be altered or paused at any time through their user-friendly portal.

Farmer’s Dog offers pre-portioned meals with flexible delivery options. Shipping is free, and the subscription can be changed, delayed, or canceled at any time. Both services make it easy for pet owners to keep their furry friends healthy and happy without hassle.

With reliable delivery options and flexible subscription plans, pet owners can rest assured that their pets will receive high-quality food without having to leave home.

Nutritional Value

Ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog both offer high-quality dog food, but their nutritional values differ. Ollie uses fresh, human-grade ingredients to create balanced meals suitable for dogs of all ages. On the other hand, farmers’ dog crafts custom recipes based on a dog’s specific dietary needs and age.

Both companies avoid artificial preservatives, but Ollie’s meals are pre-portioned and arrive monthly, and Farmer’s dog meals arrive weekly. It’s important to recognize that every dog has unique nutritional requirements, so consult with a veterinarian for guidance on choosing an appropriate diet.

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FAQ For Ollie Dog Food Vs Farmer’s Dog

How Is Ollie Dog Food Different From Farmer’s Dog?

Ollie dog food uses human-grade ingredients, while farmer’s dog uses USDA-certified ingredients. Ollie foods are fresher than farmer’s dogs.

Is Ollie Dog Food More Expensive Than Farmer’s Dog?

Yes, Ollie dog food is more expensive than a farmer’s dog. Ollie dog food cost is mainly due to fresh, high-quality human-grade ingredients.

Which Brand Of Dog Food Is Better For A Sensitive Stomach?

Both ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog use whole, fresh ingredients in their dog food formulas, making them ideal options for sensitive stomachs. Therefore, both brands are equally better.

Which Dog Food Brand Offers More Protein?

Ollie dog food is generally higher in protein than farmer’s dog, with options ranging from 24-32% protein. Farmer’s dog protein content range is 18-26%.

Are The Ingredients In Ollie Dog Food And Farmer’s Dog Real Food?

Yes, both Ollie dog food and Farmer’s Dog use real, whole ingredients making them ideal food options for a dog’s healthier life.

Can I Customize My Dog’s Food With Ollie And Farmer’s Dog?

Yes, both Ollie and farmer’s dogs facilitate dog owners to customize their dog’s food according to the breeds, weights, ages, and activity levels.


After a comprehensive analysis of the key features, ingredients, and price points of both ollie dog food and farmer’s dog, it is difficult to declare one as the clear winner. Both brands offer high-quality, human-grade ingredients and customized meal plans tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

However, while Ollie wins in terms of affordability and convenience with its pre-portioned, ready-to-serve meals, farmer’s Dog focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness via its environmentally conscious packaging. Ultimately, the decision between these two options comes down to personal values and priorities.

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Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness or eco-friendliness, both of these brands offer an excellent alternative to traditional kibble diets that aren’t tailored to your pup’s needs. With Ollie and Farmer’s Dog, you can give your fur baby the best possible nutrition while also minimizing the hassle and stress of meal prep.