How to Train Dog for Westminster Dog Show

How to Train Dog for Westminster Show

The Westminster show is all about man’s favorite creature – dogs. Whether at home, work, or anywhere, dogs have become very important and indispensable. From serving as guards and hunters to the most common act of companionship, dogs are go-to animals anyway. This is why the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is forever a big deal for dog lovers. And, we’ve always pulled the comfortable seat to relax and watch these different dog breeds perform in all their glory. However, have you ever sat back to wonder exactly how these dogs can pull off such astounding performances? Right. We all agree that they go through rigorous training.

How to Train Dog for Westminster Show

However, it’s more intriguing when you think of how exactly these dogs are trained. You need not wonder anymore. This Is because we have put this article together to answer your questions about how to train your dog. This is not just for the home, but Westminster standard. So, if you’re interested in getting your dog out there, this article is the right piece for you. We will cover details from how to teach walking, stacking, waiting, hand stack, free stack, bait, and so much more. Therefore, settle in and let us fire on.

About the Westminster Dog Training

You should know that a dog getting trained for a big show has got a different future from one who is not. Therefore, the training starts from a young age. In fact, for one who wants a successful show dog, the dog must have mastered stacking, giving ears, and walking. This is because these are very important for a show dog.

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Stacking simply refers to your dog being able to stay still while standing. Now, this should not be just any kind of standing. Because every dog breed has a peculiar attacking position. However, there can be a general position for most dog breeds. Do well to get small shaped boxes or bricks and treats to help the process get easy. You can teach God to back up by making the dog walk up to you and making clicks when it gets it right. Note that the front legs must be straight, and the paws should face forward.

Giving Ears

This is another crucial show skill that your dog must learn. To teach the show dog how to give ears, you can try to make it learn with a treat. Do this by placing the treat in a position that is not too far from the area you want the dog to lean.


This is normal for every creature. Yeah, true. However, it’s a bigger deal for a show dog. It can be likened to how a model would be trained on how to walk because it’s really for the show and the win. The key is to teach the dog to trot and not just walk. It needs to be taught how to move two adjacent legs in unison. For example, it has to move the right leg and left rear leg simultaneously. To get better at this, you can teach your dog by knowing which leg the dog most comfortably walks with.

How to Train a Dog for Westminster Show

Practice Waiting

Waiting involves the whole deal of walking, trotting, or running. Like the focus your dog must have while stacking, so is gaiting. This keeps both rear and front left legs moving close together with the other two legs spread apart.

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Teach the Dog to “Hand Stack”

Hand stacking refers to the process of influencing your dog’s walk through your hands. Remember to use treats and smoother the back with your palm. This is mainly to keep the dog relaxed while positioning the dog’s legs yourself.

Teach the Dog to “Free Stack”

This is more about the dog’s free and voluntary position. Keep the dog in check with treats and watch him walk naturally towards you. Then, learn and understand his natural steps and train him to be better with the walk.

Bait Training

Just like the name, bait training helps you to influence your dog’s behavior through treats that you offer. Get the dog’s favorite and lure him into making the position you want with that treat.

Teach the Dog to Tolerate the Examination

For a show dog, there will be different types of handlers. You don’t have to wait till the dog starts experiencing strange hands. You can start it right from a young age, making it get used to hugs from people.

Start Showing for Local Clubs

This is also effective for your show dogs. Therefore, visiting local clubs shows us a way to prepare and train your dog for Westminster.

About Dog Training Classes for Westminster

There are different kinds of training classes available for dogs. When dog owners can define their pocket value and cost, it becomes easier.

How do I make my Dog a show Dog?

You need to ensure that your dog is adequately trained and prepared for the show business. This will require high-end classes, grooming, handling, and the like.

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FAQ about Westminster Dog Show

What makes a dog a good show dog?

A good show dog mist has received top-notch training. Also, it must have been tested on several bases regarding rules of dog shows Lil Westminster.

How much does it cost to get a dog to Westminster?

Well, the Westminster Dog show is a big deal. Therefore, anyone preparing to get a dog there should be ready for the expenses. The entry fee can be about $100. However, there is still so much more to spend on, from grooming to handling.

What is the prize for winning the Westminster dog show?

It’s quite prevalent that the overall prize for the Westminster show is the highly coveted ‘Best In Show’ award. The winning dog usually takes home thousands of dollars.

Final Words

Get more helpful tips about how to get your dog all up and ready to take the Westminster win! It’s achievable for you with the right information. See other dog performances in Westminster Dog Show live from home.