Cm Punk Vs Mjf Dog Collar Match: The Ultimate Battle for Glory!

Cm punk and mjf will face off in a dog collar match at a new rampage. The highly anticipated wrestling match between cm punk and mjf is set to take place in a dog collar match on August 20th at a new Rampage.

This marks the first time that cm punk has wrestled in a dog collar match. Both wrestlers have been hyping up the match on social media and in interviews, with mjf vowing to “maul” punk and end his “little midlife crisis.

” Meanwhile, punk has promised to teach me a lesson and show that he’s still the “best in the world. ” The dog collar match is a rare and brutal type of wrestling match where the competitors are tied together by a chain attached to a collar around their necks. It’s sure to be a violent and intense battle between two of the biggest names in the sport.

Cm Punk Vs Mjf Dog Collar Match: The Ultimate Battle for Glory!


Historical Perspective: Evolution Of Dog Collar Match

Cm punk and mjf are set for an epic encounter in new full gear, as they are going to compete in a dog collar match. This stipulation was last seen in the main event of Starrcade in 1991 between roddy piper and Greg Valentine.

This match is going to be brutal, as both wrestlers will be tied together with a steel chain connected to a dog collar. They will have to use the chain as a weapon to defeat their opponent. It is going to be a hardcore match filled with blood, sweat, and tears and a perfect testament to the brutality of the dog collar match.

Let’s take a look at the historical perspective: the evolution of the dog collar match and how it has evolved over the years.

Origins Of The Dog Collar Match In Wrestling

The dog collar match has its roots in the 1970s and 1980s when it was used as a bloody and violent spectacle. The match initially started as a way to settle feuds and rivalries between wrestlers. The rules of the match were simple, two wrestlers would be tied together with a steel chain connected to a dog collar, and they would have to use the chain as a weapon to defeat their opponent.

The first-ever dog collar match was between roddy piper and Greg Valentine in 1977. This match became a classic and is still remembered to this day.

Development Of The Dog Collar Match As A Hardcore Stipulation

The dog collar match has been a part of many wrestling promotions over the years, including NWA, WCW, ecw, and WWE. One of the most brutal dog collar matches took place in ecw between Raven and the Sandman, where they both bled profusely.

As hardcore wrestling became popular in the 1990s, the dog collar match became a staple of this style of wrestling. The match became even more brutal and violent, with wrestlers using chairs, tables, and other weapons to inflict maximum damage.

Evolution Of The Rules And Variations Of The Dog Collar Match

Over the years, the dog collar match has gone through several changes and variations. There have been no disqualification dog collar matches, where anything goes, and wrestlers can use any weapon they want. There have been dog collar matches where the wrestlers start in different corners of the ring, and they have to pull the chain as hard as they can to drag their opponent to their corner.

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Also, there have been mixed-gender dog collar matches. This match has evolved into a violent and bloody stipulation, with wrestlers using the chain to inflict damage on their opponents.

The dog collar match has evolved over the years to become one of the most brutal and violent stipulations in wrestling. It is a testament to the hardcore style of wrestling and is a perfect match for wrestlers who want to settle their feud in the most brutal way possible.

They have a lot to live up to in new full gear, but they have the potential to make this a classic match, just like roddy piper and Greg Valentine did back in 1977.

Cm Punk And Mjf’S Road To Dog Collar Match Showdown

The upcoming cm punk and mjf’s dog collar match has taken the wrestling world by storm. Wrestling fans around the world are excited to witness the highly anticipated rivalry. Between two wrestling giants who will face each other in a match that’s sure to leave all of us talking for weeks to come.

Here is an overview of their respective careers and a recap of their feud heading into the dog collar match.

Overview Of Cm Punk’S Wrestling Career And Achievements

Cm punk is a wrestling veteran, having started his wrestling career in 1999. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • Seven-time world champion who has won the ROH World Championship, ecw world Championship, WWE Championship, and more.
  • Two-time money in the bank winner.
  • Won the pwi most popular wrestler of the Year twice.

Overview Of Mjf’S Wrestling Career And Achievements

Mjf has been in the wrestling business for less than a decade, but his star power is undeniable. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • New dynamite diamond rings winner in 2019 and 2020.
  • Stint as the new world tag team champion alongside chris jericho.
  • The youngest newly recognized world champion in history.

Analysis Of Cm Punk And Mjf’S Feud Leading To The Dog Collar Match

The feud between cm punk and mjf began when cm punk left WWE and joined New to start a new chapter in his wrestling career. Mjf taunted cm punk by attacking cm punk’s friend and commentator on the new, tony schiavone, and declaring himself the new “best in the world.

” Cm punk responded by delivering a scathing promo, calling out Mjf’s lack of respect, which led to a series of verbal altercations between the two. The tension between the two wrestlers culminated in a dog collar match.

Recap Of Previous Encounters Between The Two Wrestlers

The rivalry between cm Punk and mjf has been boiling since cm Punk arrived in New, and they have clashed in several face-to-face and in-ring segments. Here’s a recap:

  • Aew dynamite, September 15, 2021: Cm punk called out mjf, and they had a backstage confrontation where mjf disrespected cm punk’s family.
  • Aew dynamite, September 22, 2021: mjf and his faction attacked cm punk and darby allin during their tag team match.
  • Aew dynamite, September 29, 2021: Cm punk interrupted mjf’s match and called him out for another verbal confrontation.

The showdown between cm punk and mjf’s dog collar match promises to be an unforgettable event that will go down in wrestling history. Both wrestlers have the skills to put on an incredible show, and fans can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

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Analyzing The Dog Collar Match Stipulation And Rules

The upcoming dog collar match between cm punk and mjf is in the wrestling world’s limelight. It’s a match that promises to be physically demanding and gruesome. In this section, we will analyze the dog collar match stipulation and rules, explain how it differs from other hardcore stipulations, and explore its potential impact on wrestler health and safety.

Detailed Analysis Of The Dog Collar Match Stipulation And Rules

The dog collar match stipulates that both wrestlers will be tied together with a metal chain measuring 10-15 feet long. Each wrestler wears a collar around their neck, which the chain attaches to, and the first person to touch all four corners of the ring wins. However, the stipulation has changed over time and may vary between different federations.

Some of the rules that apply to the dog collar match include:

  • The use of the chain as a weapon is allowed
  • A wrestler can win by pinfall or submission
  • A disqualification will be given if a wrestler removes their collar or the chain from around their neck

How The Dog Collar Match Differs From Other Hardcore Stipulations

The dog collar match is a type of hardcore match with several unique characteristics. Which makes it harder to avoid attacks and move around the ring. The use of the chain as a weapon also makes this match more intense than a regular match.

Another difference that sets the dog collar to match apart from other hardcore stipulations. The collar makes it difficult for the wrestler to move their head. Which limits their line of sight and affects their ability to plan moves.

Impact Of The Dog Collar Match On Wrestlers’ Health And Safety

The dog collar match is a high-risk match that can cause severe injuries to the wrestlers. The use of the chain as a weapon can lead to cuts, bruises, and concussions. Wrestlers can also suffer from strain, sprains, and muscle tears due to the restriction of movement.

Furthermore, the dog collar match can cause long-term health consequences to the wrestlers. Such as chronic pain and joint problems. Prolonged exposure to hardcore matches linked to an increased risk of head injuries. Which can lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

The dog collar match is a hardcore match that promises to be an intense and grueling encounter. However, the use of the chain as a weapon, the collar, and the nature of the match pose a significant risk to the wrestlers’ health and safety. It is incumbent on the wrestling world to ensure the safety of the wrestlers while still giving fans an entertaining show.

Marty Jannetty Vs Shawn Michaels Dog Collar

If you’re a wrestling fan, you won’t want to miss the “ultimate battle for glory” between cm punk and mjf in their dog collar match. Here’s a closer look at the match and what to expect:

The Match, Including Key Moments, Turning Points, And Finishing Moves

Here’s a play-by-play breakdown of the match and some of the most important events:

  • Both cm Punk and mjf come out strong, with neither wrestler gaining a clear advantage in the early stages of the match.
  • Cm punk takes control of the match, delivering a series of punishing moves to mjf and gaining an early lead.
  • Mjf fights back, using the chain to his advantage and delivering some devastating blows to cm punk.
  • The turning point of the match comes when cm Punk manages to gain control of the chain. And uses it to his advantage, choking mjf and leaving him gasping for air.
  • Despite his resilience, mjf is unable to overcome cm Punk’s dominance. And cm Punk touches all four turnbuckles in succession to win the match.
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Analysis Of The Match Outcome And Its Implications For Both Wrestlers

The outcome of the match has significant implications for both wrestlers and their careers:

  • Cm punk’s victory solidifies his position as one of the top wrestlers in the industry. And could lead to future opportunities for him to compete in high-profile matches.
  • Mjf’s loss could be a major setback for his career. As he fails to take advantage of the opportunity to prove himself on the big stage.
  • The match is sure to go down in wrestling history as one of the most intense and memorable matches of all time.

FAQ On Cm Punk Vs Mjf Dog Collar Match

What Is A Dog Collar Match In Professional Wrestling?

A dog collar match is a type of professional wrestling match in which two wrestlers are tethered to each other with a steel chain and matching collars. The goal is to win the match by pinfall or submission.

Who Is Cm Punk?

Cm punk is a retired american professional wrestler, mixed martial artist, and retired professional wrestler. He is best known for his time in world wrestling entertainment and has won numerous championships during his career.

Who Is Mjf?

Mf is an american professional wrestler currently signed to all elite wrestling (new). He is known for his excellent mic skills, arrogant personality, and signature scarf. His real name is maxwell jacob friedman.

When Is The Cm Punk Vs Mjf Dog Collar Match Taking Place?

As of now, the date of the cm punk vs mjf dog collar match is not yet announced. However, it expected to take place in the upcoming new pay-per-view event.

Why Are Cm Punk And Mjf Having A Dog Collar Match?

Cm punk and mjf have been involved in a heated rivalry in recent months in new. Which has led to this brutal and violent dog collar match. It’s an opportunity for them to settle their differences and prove who’s the better wrestler.

Where Is The Cm Punk Vs Mjf Dog Collar Match Happening?

The cm punk vs mjf dog collar match will be taking place in an upcoming new pay-per-view event, which is yet to be announced. The event is expected to be held in one of Kew’s regular venues, with a live audience.


Ultimately, the cm punk vs. mjf dog collar match was a thrilling spectacle that lived up to the hype. Both wrestlers brought their a-game, and the match was full of intense moments and jaw-dropping spots. The use of the dog collar added an extra level of brutality. While cm punk may have emerged victorious, both wrestlers proved that they are among the best in the business. The match will undoubtedly go down as one of the most memorable moments in wrestling history.