Watch AKC National Championship Dog Show 2019 Live Streaming


There’re no limitations of reasons for a dog lover when it comes to watching the AKC Dog Show 2019 Live Stream. In 2019, AKC is going to organize the biggest dog show in North America with its 193 different breeds for the 19th time. It is a fantastic opportunity for the dog lovers to watch all these breeds at a time fighting hard for the title of Best Dog in the competition.
However, as dog lovers live all around the world, especially in the USA and it may not be a viable idea for all of them to come and watch the most excellent dog show in the earth right on the spot. As traveling and accommodation expenses might not suit all, so what are they going to do? Well, there’s nothing to worry about.

Anyone can watch the AKC National Championship Dog Show 2019 Live Stream on the AKC TV channel. Today, we are going to discuss the ins and outs of the dog show live stream for your convenience.


A brief note on AKC National Championship

Prior to revealing the ways to watch the live stream of AKC show, it would be better for our viewers to have a look on how AKC emerged as the most prominent organization of purebred in the USA and how did they kick off with such an out of the box idea on the national championship for dogs.

AKC originally standing for The American Cannel Club originated in 1884, intending to uphold and protect the superiority of 193 recognized purebreds in the USA mainland. Since then, they have been organizing popular sports events for dogs to inspire dog lovers and owners alike.


Their latest inventory came in the form of the AKC National Championship dog show way back in 2001 in Orlando, Florida. Since then, it has turned out to be the most-awaited and popular dog show on the planet. Last year, in 2018 almost 5000 dogs from around the world participated in the competition. However, only seven were allowed to achieve the champion title in different categories.
Likewise, every year, AKC TV will live stream the whole program for the worldwide dog lovers. So, if you are unable to pay a visit on the spot, make sure you already have subscribed to the channel to watch the show of the world’s best dogs.
And if you haven’t subscribed yet, and don’t know the procedure, there’s nothing to feel anxious as we are going to tell you why and how you should watch the live stream on AKC Tv.

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Location and Event Schedule

The 2019 AKC dog show is all ready to come again from where it started the glorious journey. Yes, the 19th show is all set to take place in Orlando, Florida, once again, where all the nationals and international canines will showcase their athleticism.

Furthermore, there you will experience the world’s best dogs, their cleverness, and many more. Your eyes will be glued on the live stream program to see the best dog bred organized by Exhibitors accompanied by six different categories. Moreover, you will be able to see the AKC Agility Conventional as well as the AKC Obedience classic on the same TV show. Both groups feature competitions in junior categories also.

AKC Dog Show 2019 Full Schedule

The 2019 event will take place on the 14th and 15th of December in 2019 in the famous Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando. will live telecast the program on its website and apps. So, you won’t have to miss a moment of this exciting event.
The details of the event schedule are as followed-

December 14, 2019, Saturday –

This will be the 1st day of the AKC National Day Championship. On this day, the elite panel of judges will judge the hounds, Junior Showmanship, along with the non-sporting and sporting breeds. So, if you are a fan of world-famous Greyhound, don’t forget to tune on during the program. We assure you that you won’t regret watching the live stream for a second even.

December 15, 2019, Sunday –

If the 1st day is packed with atomic bombs, then the 2nd day of this show is packed with more powerful hydrogen bombs. Yes, it’s the reality. You won’t be able to close your eyelids while watching the live stream of this dog show on the 2nd day.
Terriers, working breeds along with herding as well as some different classic categories of dog breed, will mesmerize the audience with their brilliance on the 2nd day.

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Note: The events will entirely take place in indoor. Therefore, the dogs will be judged indoor also.
Time: On both days, the event will start sharp at 7.00 a.m. and will continue till 11.00 p.m. As the event will happen for long hours, you can tune to the live stream anytime and from anywhere to watch live updates.

Why You Should Choose A Live Stream of AKC Dog Show 2019

There are many reasons to promote you to watch the National Championship dog show live stream. The first and most logical of all reasons is your passion and love for dogs. Since this is the

premiere show to showcase all 193 recognized pure breeds along with some popular mixed breeds, you can actually get to know all of them in a single event. Isn’t it nice?

Do you want to buy dogs but confused about what breed you should buy? Or do you think that dogs merely do anything at all? Well, watching the live stream of the world’s largest and most exciting dog show, will surely act as an eye-opener for you. You will be amazed to see the dogs’ performance in different categories- from sporting to servicing like a nurse to sick people.

The Show

Watching dogs like Polly, which is a Labrador Retriever currently acting as a service dog of Rally Around, will be a treat to watch on the show. In fact, all the dogs participating in the show is specialized in some sectors. While some are excellent companions for game and sporting, some will surprise you with their coolness and beauty.
With the live streaming option on your tv or smart device, you will be able to experience the best dogs and their owners on the planet. Furthermore, you will get ideas about how to train your canines to increase their skills.

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How and Where to Watch the Live Stream of The Show?

American Kannel Club (AKC) has its own TV station from which they live telecasts all their programs. Their channel is known as, and it is visible worldwide via cables, apps, and dish-channels association.

Likewise, every year, AKC Tv is all set to live telecast the AKC National Championship. In fact, they have already started their update sessions about the program through their “Road to National Championship.” You can quickly get their all updates on their websites.

Once you sign up for their subscriber form correctly, you will get email notifications, which are even more convenient for you. To get their latest news about the show, you can sign up from their official website. It is free and easy!

AKC Dog Show 2019 Live Stream is available on various platforms, making it a comfortable and convenient option.

  • You can directly subscribe and log into their website for the live streaming. If you are traveling to somewhere or at the workstation, this is the easiest way for you to watch the event.
  • The live streaming is also available on Roku, America’s largest, most trusted, and popular portable player for all. Plugin and play- watch the event live.
  • For Apple users, is available in the format of Apple Tv. Still not satisfied.
  • You may find the app on the Apple store too. Download the app, follow the easy procedure, and start watching the live stream of your favorite dog show, 2019.
  • Android users will be able to download the app from Google Play store to watch the AKC National Championship show live from anywhere and anytime.


AKC National Championship is the world’s largest, most attractive, and awaited dog show happening every year. With less than two months left for the 19th show to happen, AKC is all set to make it even bigger than the previous year.

Stay tuned with us for further information on the live streaming and latest news.