What Type Dogs Can Participate in Westminster Dog Show

Talk of the best dog shows around the world and one event comes to mind, the Westminster dog show.
This dog show is one of the greatest events that ever took place. It goes down in New York City and was first held on the 8th of May, 1877 in Manhattan.
Simply put, this is the most memorable dog event. It is a showcase of the best breeds and different classes of dogs.

What You Must Know

People from all walks of life are invited to the Westminster dog show. They can come around with their canine pals, watch the events live stream, or simply buy a ticket for physical participation.
Lucky are they if they decide to participate as winners walk away with some of the most fabulous prices and titles.

Why the Westminster Show

The Westminster dog show’s main objective is to showcase the best of the best. It also encourages dog owners to be more responsible with their pets.
The event sensitizes our furry-friend owners to look out for the dog’s health, feeding, and also to maintaining good hygiene.
More importantly, the event boosts pride for the dogs, breed, and ownership. That’s why it’s always maintaining the dog’s breed standards.

Types of Dogs for The Westminster Dog Show

So, what type of dogs can participate in the Westminster dog show live? It may surprise you to know that every dog can participate in the Westminster Dog Show. Even so, the dog must first meet the following criteria.

Be Purebred

These dogs are of a particular dog type. The dogs must be from a generation of parents that are of the same breed. Examples of purebred dogs include; bulldog, Great Dane, Australian shepherd just to mention but a few.
So, if you own a purebred dog, then you should be planning to attend the biggest dog event of the year, you never know, maybe this might be your lucky year.

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Able to Reproduce

These dogs must be able to continue their existing generation by producing little puppies. It must, therefore, be fertile. We all know that anything fertile is able to bring forth a new life, so why not let your dog also have the joy of being a parent? After all, puppies are some of the cutest creatures we know of.

Attended Dog Shows Before

Owning a dog however does not just qualify your dog for the Westminster dog show, no. It has to be an exceptionally outstanding and active dog that has attended many dog show competitions.
The dog shows are usually held to identify the dogs that will emerge champions and move to the next stage which eventually gets them closer to entering the championship.

Must Have Top-Ranked Shows

The Westminster Dog Show seeks to find the best of the best. So, participating in other dog shows isn’t just enough, the dog must have emerged top in most if not all the dog shows.


If you are still wondering what type dogs can participate in Westminster dog show, the answer is here with you. So, why not prepare that dog and hit the road for the best of the best show for your canine pal?