What to Put on Dog’s Nose When Dry: Expert Tips & Remedies

What to Put on Dog'S Nose When Dry

To moisturize a dog’s dry nose, apply a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil, being careful to avoid the dog’s eyes. Additionally, you can use a dog-safe nose balm for extra hydration.

Treating a dry nose is important to prevent infection, and specific products for dogs are available through your veterinarian.

Causes Of Dog’s Dry Nose

A dry nose in dogs can be caused by various factors. Understanding the causes can help you determine the best way to treat and alleviate your furry friend’s discomfort. Below are some common causes of a dog’s dry nose:


Dehydration can lead to a dry nose in dogs. Just like humans, dogs need to stay hydrated to maintain optimal health. When a dog is dehydrated, it can result in dryness and flakiness of the nose. It is essential to ensure your dog has access to fresh water at all times, especially during warmer weather or after strenuous activities.


Overexertion, such as intense play or exercise, can cause a dog’s nose to dry out. When dogs exert themselves excessively, they may become dehydrated, leading to a dry and cracked nose. It is important to monitor your dog’s activity level and provide frequent breaks and water breaks during active periods.


Yes, dogs can get sunburned too! Just like humans, if a dog spends a lot of time in the sun without protection, their nose can become dry and even sunburned. Dogs with light-colored or hairless noses are more prone to sunburn. Consider using pet-friendly sunscreen or providing shaded areas for your dog to prevent sunburn and dryness.

Autoimmune Illness

In some cases, a dry nose in dogs may be attributed to autoimmune illnesses. These conditions can affect the skin and nasal tissues, leading to dryness and flaking of the nose. If you suspect your dog might have an autoimmune condition, it is essential to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Dogs can develop allergies, just like humans. Allergens such as pollen, dust, or certain foods can cause nasal irritation and dryness. If you notice your dog’s nose becoming dry and irritated, it might be a result of allergies. Identifying and eliminating the allergen or providing appropriate medication can help relieve your dog’s symptoms.

What to Put on Dog's Nose When Dry: Expert Tips & Remedies

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Remedies For Dog’s Dry Nose

Having a dry nose can be uncomfortable for your furry friend. Fortunately, there are several remedies that can help moisturize and heal your dog’s nose. Below are some effective solutions:

Moisturize With Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil

One of the easiest and most natural remedies for a dry dog nose is using coconut oil or olive oil. These oils are safe for dogs and can provide much-needed moisture to dry, cracked skin. Using a clean cotton pad or your fingertips, apply a small amount of oil to your dog’s nose and gently massage it in. However, be cautious not to get the oil in your dog’s eyes, as it may cause irritation or infection.

Use Specific Dog Nose Balms

If you prefer a ready-made solution, there are dog nose balms available that are specially formulated to moisturize and protect your pup’s nose. These balms are designed to be safe for dogs to lick and are free of harmful ingredients. Apply a thin layer of the balm to your dog’s nose, following the instructions on the product packaging. Look for balms that contain natural ingredients such as shea butter and beeswax, as they can provide extra nourishment for your dog’s nose.

Avoid Using Vaseline

While Vaseline may seem like a quick fix for a dry dog nose, it should be avoided. Vaseline can be toxic if ingested by dogs, and applying it to your dog’s nose increases the likelihood of them licking it off. Instead, opt for safer alternatives like coconut oil or dog nose balms.

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By following these remedies, you can help alleviate your dog’s dry nose and provide them with the relief they need. Remember to consult with your veterinarian if your dog’s dry nose persists or worsens.

Types Of Dog Nose Balms

If your dog has a dry, cracked nose, there are a few different types of dog nose balms that can help moisturize and soothe their skin. Here are some popular options:

Snout Soother

Snout Soother is an ideal remedy for healing and soothing dry, cracked, or scaly snouts. It is specifically formulated to nourish your pup’s sensitive sniffer, while also healing cracked or broken skin, skin overgrowth, and hyperkeratosis. This balm is made with all-natural ingredients to ensure safety for your furry friend.

Dulàc Dog Nose Balm

Dulàc Dog Nose Balm is another great option for moisturizing your dog’s dry nose. It is specially designed to provide immediate relief and hydration to their nose. This balm is made with dog-safe ingredients and is free from any harmful substances. Remember, it’s important to avoid using creams meant for human use as dogs may lick their noses and ingest harmful products.

Other Available Options

In addition to Snout Soother and Dulàc Dog Nose Balm, there are other dog nose balms available in the market. These balms may vary in their ingredients and formulations, but the aim is the same – to repair and moisturize your dog’s dry nose. Some other options include Coconut Oil or Olive Oil, which can be applied sparingly for moisturizing and soothing the skin. However, make sure to avoid getting these oils in your dog’s eyes as they may cause irritation or infection.

What to Put on Dog's Nose When Dry: Expert Tips & Remedies

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What to Put on Dog's Nose When Dry: Expert Tips & Remedies

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Frequently Asked Questions On What To Put On Dog’s Nose When Dry

How Can I Moisturize My Dogs Nose?

To moisturize your dog’s nose, apply a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil. Be careful not to get it in their eyes. Another option is using a dog-specific nose balm like Snout Soother. Avoid using human creams as they may be harmful if ingested.

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And never use Vaseline on your dog’s nose as it can be toxic.

How Do You Treat Dry Skin On A Dog’s Nose?

To treat dry skin on a dog’s nose, apply a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil. Be careful not to get it in their eyes. You can also use a specific product like Dulàc Dog Nose Balm. Avoid using human creams as dogs may ingest them.

Can I Put Vaseline On My Dog’s Nose?

No, you should not put Vaseline on your dog’s nose as it can be toxic. It can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea if ingested. Instead, you can moisturize your dog’s nose with a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil.

These natural oils are safe for dogs but should be used sparingly to avoid irritation or infection.

Is There Moisturizer For Dogs Noses?

Yes, there are moisturizers available for dogs’ noses such as Snout Soother. This balm is specially designed to heal and soothe dry, cracked, or scaly snouts and promote healthy skin.


To keep your dog’s dry nose moisturized and healthy, various remedies are available. Applying a small amount of coconut oil or olive oil can help soothe and hydrate your dog’s dry, cracked nose. Another option is to use a specialized nose balm like Snout Soother, which is designed to heal and nourish your pup’s sensitive sniffer.

Remember to avoid using Vaseline, as it can be toxic for dogs. By providing proper care and attention, you can ensure that your furry friend’s nose remains hydrated and free from discomfort.