How to Buy Westminster Dog Show 2022 Tickets and HOTEL

Westminster Dog Show 2022 Tickets

In the world today, there are more than 190 countries that make up the planet called earth. And in most of these countries, the most popular animal used as a pet is a dog. This shows how lovable and special these creatures are. But do you know that apart from Kevin Hart and Steve Harvey, dogs too can bring smiles out of people’s faces, and make their day? Yes, they can, and that brings us to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
Given the above, Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is a show where dogs take the center stage in the beautiful city of New York and show the world that dogs too can be the world’s greatest entertainers. After the 145th event that took place last year, the next one is scheduled for the 24th to 26th of January, 2022, with the daytime breed judging and the Master’s Obedience Championship to be held over three days from Monday to Wednesday. That is to say in the show, you get to see dogs compete like humans as they carry out different tasks to win the ultimate prize. Exciting, isn’t it?

Westminster Dog Show 2022 Tickets

How to Buy Official Westminster Dog Show 2022 Tickets

If you want to book a place right beside your loved ones to watch different breeds of dogs battle it out at Pier 36, New York, definitely you need a ticket. Getting your ticket to this amazing show isn’t stressful as you think it is. The normal ticket price ranges from $22 to $10, for adults and kids respectively. You can also get your tickets on the official website of Ticketmaster or at Madison Square Garden, and reserve a place for yourself.
The show will return to New York on the 22nd of January, 2022, and run from the 24th to the 26th of the same month. To be part of it, you can book your ticket on Ticketmaster for as low as $40.00 to $65.00 by clicking this link
Apart from Ticketmaster, you can decide to get yours at the Madison Square Garden for as cheap as $65 for general admission. Secure your ticket before they’re sold by ordering now.

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How to Watch Westminster Dog Show 2022 Online

Do you want to watch the Westminister dog show from home? we have also a great opportunity about how you can watch WKC online from home. There are many official and unofficial websites to watch Westminster Dog Show Live Stream. We describe all the best way to stream this TV show from home.

COVID-19 Entry Protocols for Westminster Dog Show 2022

Due to the adverse effect of the Coronavirus on the world at large, most things are not as they used to be. For this reason, the safety, as well as the security of those planning to attend the show is of utmost importance.
The above is to say there will be Covid-19 entry protocols to ensure the safety of the participants and attendees. To do this, there will be a Health Pass by clear at the Westminster Dog Show.
The aforementioned affords people the opportunity to upload their proof of vaccination, as well as the negative Covid-19 test and other important documents. Given this, people are advised to register on clear to clear at least a day before the event and thereby complete the COVID-19 pre-screening.

Westminster Dog Show 2022 Age Restriction

All persons aged 2 and above are allowed to be at the 146th Westminster Dog show, as long as the Covid-19 entry protocol is not breached. Coupled with this, persons under the age of 12 must attend with a vaccinated adult and must wear a mask when the show is going on.
People who are 18 need a government-issued ID, school ID, birth certificate, or its equivalent to see the show. Coupled with this, all attendees over the age of 12 must provide proof of Covid-19 vaccination.

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Must-know info about Westminster Dog Show 2022

The Westminister Dog show is a big event that dog lovers look forward to year in year out. For this reason, there is some must-know information about this prestigious event that the intending attendees must know before the show starts in 2022. They include


As stated earlier, to attend the show in New York and be among the persons at Pier 36, you need to abide by the Covid-19 entry protocol. For this reason, you must abide by the protocol by providing your proof of vaccination, and other necessary health documents.
You can do your Covid-19 Health Documentation by uploading your proof of Covid-19 vaccination. You must also upload your negative result as well as other documents on Health pass by clear. Once you do this, they will clear you, and then you’re fit to attend the event.


To attend the Westminister Dog show, and as a result, see different breeds of dogs battle it out in what is also known as the sport of dogs, you need to get there early. For this reason, the doors to the event will be open 90 minutes before the event starts.
This is to say that the above allows you to get settled and ready to be thrilled.


To see what a dog can do, and as a result, be one of the spectators at the show, you need a ticket.
You can get yours wherever you are, by getting it on Ticketmaster App or MSG venue app. It’s easier than you think, all you have to do is to download the app and follow the necessary steps. And then you are one step away from the show.

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How to Book Hotel for Westminster Dog Show 2022

To enjoy the show to the fullest, you surely need a place to stay and prepare for the excitement that is about to come your way. Given this, there are a lot of hotels and for you to stay in.
One of the best hotels that you can find around there is the Golden Star Hotel. It is located near Pier 36, the venue of the show. Coupled with this, it is cheap and affordable. And the good news is there will be shuttle buses from Gold Star Partner hotels to Pier 36. The room rates are just $179 plus taxes. This is to say it is affordable and safe.
Apart from the above, some hotels are closer to the venue like Stewart Hotel, and a host of others. Fortunately, all these hotels are safe and secure. You can book a room there for you and your loved ones by clicking on this link

FAQ about Westminster Dog Show 2022

Because the dog show is the best of its kind, people ask the following questions.

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The Westminster Dog Show is a show that dog handlers and lovers lookout for every year. The show allows over 3,000 dogs to perform and battle for the ultimate prize. That being said, the show is a must-watch and promises to be entertaining. Don’t miss the next one.