Crufts Dog Show 2022 Live Stream Online on TV

Crufts Dog Show 2021 Live Stream

Well, the year 2021 hasn’t been much of what we expected. With the Covid-19 pandemic right at our heels, most sporting events were either postponed or completely put off. So what are we left with? Are there some things that we can still look forward to? Yes. The Crufts Dog Show 2022 is still on. With the 2021 event hardly affected by the pandemic, we strongly hope that the 2022 dog show will go on as planned.  So Crufts is coming right back in 2022 don’t miss to know how you can watch Crufts Dog Show live from home. This time COVID situation does not go so watching your favorite show from home is the best choice I think. In this article, we try to cover all the best ways to watch Crufts Dog Show online on tv.

Crufts Dog Show Live Stream

Crufts Dog Show 2022
Date: 10 – 13 March 2022
Start Time: 8:45 am
Live Stream: Watch Here
TV Coverage: Channel 4
Location: The NEC Birmingham

How to watch Crufts Dog Show 2022 Live Stream Online

If you plan on watching the Crufts 2022 dog show and wanted an up-close of the main event, you can buy the tickets. The Cruft’s dog show tickets will go on sale every year before the main event. Even so, the tickets for the Crufts 2021 event are yet to be put on sale, as stated by the event organizer’s official website. Until now, we are waiting for further information. The tickets are, however, expected to be available towards the end of this year as it has been the tradition of the dog show.

But if you’d love to catch the 2022 Crufts dog show in the comfort of your home, then finding out how to watch Crufts dog show 2022 live stream online will get you the ultimate thrill.
Here is how to watch the Crufts Dog Show Live Online:

Watch Crufts Dog Show on Channel 4

Apart from watching the Crufts Dog show online, you can also watch the world’s greatest dog show on TV. Channel 4, like it is the tradition of the Crufts dog show, will be covering the 2021 Cruft dog show again. Up to 15 hours of real-time coverage of the dog show will go down on Channel 4 while the rest on More4 direct from the NEC Arena in Birmingham.

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Crufts Dog Show live on Social Media

You can watch the Crufts dog show live on social media. Among the best social media platforms that will be hosting the Crufts Dog show in 2021 are the following:

  • Facebook

Facebook will go live through the official page of the Crufts Dog show. They will also post some of the real-time updates and videos on their page that you can use to catch up on the main event.

  • Twitter

Another very influential social media platform that you can work with is Twitter. The show will have its Twitter account from where you can catch the live event updated, uploaded videos, and other posted tips on the event.

  • YouTube

For the 2020 show, Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt hosted the Crufts Extra YouTube show. In 2022, we expect the same to go down on YouTube. YouTube is quite reliable and will give you a one on one event as it goes down. You can always opt for it in case you don’t have a cable TV or if you are on the move. This platform also performs best when you don’t want to catch the event live from Channel 4.
The event will kick off on YouTube from around 9 am on the D-day and continue until the Crufts dog show comes to an end. However, if you are looking for more fun from the event, you can also join through the official YouTube account from where you can stream the dog show live. The Crufts YouTube channel also runs for the four days that the event will be going down.

NOTE: Watching the 2022 Crufts dog show online is best when you have a strong and reliable network. So make sure that before you settle down for the event, your network is strong enough to prevent any form of buffering.

Crufts Dog Show 2022 TV Schedule

For the 2022 Crufts dog show, the event is yet to put down their TV Schedule. However, if what we have seen in the previous events is anything to go by, we are anticipating that the Crufts dog show TV schedule will be as follows.

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Across Channel 4:

Day 1 – March 10

    • 3 pm to 4 pm – Channel 4
    • 6.30 pm to 8 pm – More4
    • 8 pm to 9 pm – Channel 4

Day 2 – March 11

    • 3 pm to 4 pm – Channel 4
    • 6.30 pm to 7.30 pm – More4
    • 7.30 pm to 9 pm – Channel 4

Day 3 – March 12

    • 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm – Channel 4
    • 7 pm to 9 pm – Channel 4

Day 4 – March 13

    • 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm – Channel 4
    • 7 pm to 9 pm – Channel 4

NOTE: The last day of the event (Day 4) will mark the final day that the live event will be aired over TV. The event closes at 9 pm, and after that, only previous or archived clips may be found over social media platforms.

About Watching Crufts outside of the UK

If you live outside the UK, the event will kick off on the official Crufts YouTube channel from 9 am on the D-day and will continue until day 4 of the Cruft’s dog show when the event finally comes to an end.
The official YouTube account remains open for live streaming and catches up on the event. Watching the 2022 Crufts dog outside the UK through YouTube, however, requires a strong and reliable network. So, before you settle down, you should make sure that your network is very strong to eliminate any form of buffering.

About Crufts podcasts

As if the options that we’ve got are not enough, there is an additional catch to the main event. You can now listen to the Crufts podcasts. Use podcasts to check out different interviews from the competitors and also competition winners.

There is so much more than you can also enjoy through the podcasts, including dog profiles and competition requirements, among other things.

Podcasts are easy to work with. They also provide a great experience and will leave you in complete touch with the event. Make sure that you highlight your favorite moments so that you get a chance to revisit them later on.

How to buy Crufts dog show 2022 tickets

Crufts dog show tickets will be on sale for anyone who wants to attend the Crufts dog show and also for the Kennel Club members online. The Kennel Club members must enter their validation code if they want to access the 2022 Crufts dog show ticket pricing for the club members.

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Like before, the details for the ticket prices should be found online on the official website. Daily ticket prices may differ. However, there could be promo codes that might give you some coveted discounts. All of the Crufts 2022 tickets will be available on the Ticket Factory official bookings page. Where you can easily log on to and get the seat of your choice.

What You Must Know

You cannot tag your pets along for the show. The show only allows the pets that have been invited through The Kennel Club and Assistance Dogs for the competition to come. There are rules to taking pictures that you must be conversant with too.

  • Where is Crufts Dog Show?

The 2021 Crufts dog show was coming back to NEC Birmingham. The event is scheduled to take place for four days and will take place in the Resorts World Arena. The venue is named after the cinema’s complex Resorts World) and was formerly known as the Genting Arena.

  • When is the 2022 Crufts Dog Show?

While the exact dates of the events are yet to be confirmed by the organizers (The Kennel Club). The world’s top-notch dog show is expected to go down in March of 2022.

Final Words

If you want to find out how to watch Crufts dog show 2022 live stream online, one thing is clear; you have several ways to do exactly that. Even so, you should choose the one that serves your needs better. This is an awesome dog show that is loved far and wide. Don’t be left behind as the world’s pedigree dogs take the stand on the most renowned god show. You have the chance to get the direct thrill when the doors open to the 2021 Crufts dog show. If you want to get more updates about dog shows then you can follow