Watch European Dog Show 2021 Live Stream Online

European Dog Show Live Stream

The Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) is an international kennel club founded originally in Europe, is known worldwide known. The authority arranges several dog shows across the globe, but none is as prestigious as the European Dog Show.
So, if you are prominently a dog lover, it is high time you know how to participate in the event with your favorite doggo or at least attend the show to watch the world’s most beautiful, smart, and well-trained kennels. However, due to the COVID-19 situation, it might be tough for you to come into the venue physically.
Hence, we have jotted down the information on how to watch the European Dog Show 2021 live stream online. We will also discuss the participating opportunity in the show.

European Dog Show Live Stream

FCI European Dog Show 2021 Date and Location

The 2021 European Dog Show arranged by FCI will be held in Budapest, Hungary, despite the COVID-19 condition. The schedule has been set for 20th May to 23rd May 2021. The four-day event will allow the audiences to witness the world’s most promising canine breeds.
The show will kick off with the grand inaugural of the Grand Prix CACIB Show in Budapest on 19th May 2021 and will reach the buzz. Also, there will be a series of supporting and related events during the FCI European Dog Show.
The most famous of those events will be the World Summit of Hungarian Breed, which would occur on 21st May. Hence, set your schedule accordingly if you want to watch the dogs perform and showcase their Pedigree skills right off the bat.

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How to Watch European Dog Show 2021 Live Stream Online

European canine lovers wait eagerly for the FCI European Dog Show each year. Since 2020 was canceled due to the worsening Corona crisis across Europe and other parts of the world, the 2021 event is receiving even more hype.
Hence, people are seeking ways to attend the event. Sadly, due to travel restrictions still in office in most countries and with the 2nd wave of COVID-19, you are less likely to participate in the event physically. The only way left is to watch the event online.

Watch FCI European Dog Show 2021 Online

Generally speaking, the details about the show broadcasting and live streaming haven’t been announced yet. Although some sources claim that NBC TV will cover the show, we are, however, to confirm the news. However, you can still watch the live streaming of FCI Dog Show on their FCI European Dog Show 2021 page. You will also ardently and immediately get the latest news on the live streaming and telecasting of the event from the page.

YouTube live streaming will also be most likely available during the show with highlights of the day. Hence, stay tuned with us so that you know when we bring any updates of the live stream of the 2021 Dog Show in Budapest.

How to Participate in FCI European Dog Show 2021

Want to participate in the European Dog show organized by FCI? Well, the participation registration has been opened on 01st November 2020, for the next league. But, the entry in the show with your dog is subjected to a few rules.

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These are listed here-

  • Your dog must have the FCI registered pedigree to enter the show.
  • One dog can participate in one class of competitions only.
  • You must ensure your entry from the Hungarian Kennel Club. You can receive access directly from the club office.
  • Alternatively, you can choose post, online, or emphasized show to receive the show’s entry assurance.
  • The entry will be valid for your dog only. You can’t change the dog under any circumstances.
  • Even if you remain absent from the show after confirming your entry, the fee must be deposited.
  • The entry starts with the Baby Class and goes up to the Veteran Class with eight various participation categories.

FCI European Dog Show 2021

FCI Dog Show will be hosted in Budapest in 2021. All the recognized breeds by FCI can participate in the event and compete for the championship title in eight different categories. However, a dog can take part in one category only.
Apart from the dog show, there will be events to boost people in rearing canines more. On 23rd May, there will also be a competition where non-recognized breeds will also participate in different categories during the show.
You will find all the details about the dog show here.


FCI European Dog Show is a breakthrough platform for dog owners to promote their dogs. The event also recognizes breeders’ effort to develop, conserve, and enhance the breeds’ purity. Hence, as a dog lover, you would like to know how to watch the European Dog Show 2021 live stream online.
Although no official broadcasting platform has announced the live streaming service, you can enjoy the show from the Facebook page and YouTube.

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