World Dog Show 2021 how to watch online, TV schedule and Judges

World dog show 2020

World dog show is the annual biggest dog show for every dog lover. This year’s World dog show was postponed to Thu, Sep 30, 2021 – Sun, Oct 3, 2021 for Covid-19. If you are a world dog show lover then you must want to know how you can easily watch this year’s World dog show. World dog show judging panel will be 10 groups with the best of the best judges. If you want to participate in the World dog show then you must have a perfect dog to win.  World dog show is the biggest dog show for dog lovers. Every dog lover doesn’t want to miss any single thing during this show. dog show lover wants to know how they can easily watch World dog show 2021 live stream.

Location and how to get there

World dog show 2021 will be happening in Madrid Capital of Spain. Dog lovers from Spain happy to know this they can easily watch and participate in WDS 2021. Dog lovers around the world also can get there easily. What you have to do just you buy a ticket for The Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport and from there world dog show is only 10 min far. fan’s from Madrid they can catch the show by road from any place in Madrid. You can also watch World dog show 2021 from home with the best online streaming service.

World dog show 2020

How to watch World dog show 2021 Live streaming

This time World dog show 2021 online watch will be the best choice for everyone. All dog lovers want to watchdog shows from home for them, a live stream is the best choice. You can easily watch the world dog show from any TV channel in Madrid. World dog show will broadcast on Youtube with free streaming. Youtube is the most popular for any kind of show and video. This year you can watch the world dog show on Youtube. This year we also see the national dog show 2021. If you want to watch the national dog show 2021 live online you can find it on this site.

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World dog show 2021 TV schedule

The world dog show 2021 is scheduled for Thu, Sep 30, to Sun, Oct 3, 2021. This year’s dog show last entry death line is moved to Sep 29, 2021. Day 1, Thu, Sep 30, 2021 is the schedule for RSCE WINNER SHOW for All FCI groups. Day 2, , Oct 1, 2021 is the main World dog show day in this day FCI group 1, FCI group 3 and FCI group 5 will do judgment. Oct 2, 2021 is 3rd day of the show in this day FCI group 6, FCI group 8, FCI group 9, and FCI group 10 will be selected for judgment panel. Oct 3, 2021 is the Best in Show day FCI group 2, FCI group 4, and FCI group 7 will select best in sow for 2021 world dog show.

World dog show 2021 Judging panel

This year judging panel will be in 10 groups with best judges. In every group, we will see the best judges of all time. All judges are from around the world and they are the best for this dog show judgment panel. let’s see who are they below.

  • Aguilar Hidalgo, Juan Carlos is one of the best judges on the world dog show. He was born in Tangier (Morocco).
  • Allan, David is doing judgment around 40 years he will do judgment on groups 4, 9, and 10.
  • Álvarez González, Nuria was bron in Barcelona, ​​Spain. She also do judgment for Crufts dog show.
  • Angulo Morales, Manuel was doing judgment from 1998. he is also a Spanish Water Dog and Podenco Ibicenco Labor Judge.
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And we have also more judges they are Arce Herrera, Elva, Archibald, Emma, Arenillas Antón, Rafael, Argente del Castillo, Adrián, Arrue Painted, José Luis, Asensi de Langlois, Laura, Assenmacher-Feyel, Hassi, Baskaran, Martín, Bermejo Mayor, Elena, Bertrand Verges, Manuel, Bessho, Satoshi.

Bispo, Pedro, Blanco Sánchez, Javier, Bottle López, Miguel, Buló Solé, José María, Cañamares Díaz, Manuel, Castells Lladosa, Alfonso
Catalan, Luis, Cayola Cortes, Luis, Centelles Marín, Juan, Cerdeira Lozano, Joaquín, Choya de la Cruz, Antonio V., Clemente Delgado, Fernando, Cochetti, Francesco. And more

About Entries

This year world dog show is limited for entries only 6000 dogs. RSCE will select 6000 dogs on Thursday, 17th December. RSCE will select two types of winners RSCE Junior Winner and RSCE Veteran Winner. If you selected on this judgment then your dog can participate in WDS 2021. Online entries are available for the world dog show. if you want to register online entries then you can find it here.

World dog show 2021 Entry Fees

For online entries, The deadline is extended until 11th November 2021. If you want to buy the best class for you then you can find all packet down below. World dog show 2021 full entry fees list is here.

RSCE Winner entry fees

1st dog 95 € 130 € 60 €
2nd dog and subsequent 85 € 120 € 55 €
Brace Class 20 € 40 €
Breeder’s Group
Veterans 40 € 60 € 40 €

Spanish Breeds Entry Fees

1st dog 66 € 91 € 60 €
2nd dog and subsequent 59 € 84 € 55 €
Brace Class 14 € 28 € 0 €
Breeder’s Group
Veterans 28 € 42 € 28 €
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Final words

We think we provide every single information about World dog show 2021 here. If we make any mistake or you have to give us any advice please contact us. The World dog show will be the biggest show of this year so don’t miss any update stay with us.