Everything You Need to Know About Junior Showmanship 2020

Junior Showmanship 2020

The Junior Showmanship 2020 is part of the annual Westminster Dog Show. The first Westminster Dog Show was held in May 8, 1877. It’s held in the Westminster Hotel in Manhattan. That’s how the dog show got its name of the Westminster Dog Show. Since then, the dog show has gone on and on. Today, it features thousands of dogs from all over the world. Last time, it has about 165 recognized breeds of dogs.

Junior Showmanship 2020

What is the Junior Showmanship?

While the Westminster dog show has run since 1877, the Junior Showmanship has existed since 1934. In 1934, the Westminster Kennel Club introduced the title of Best Junior Handler. The title was given to one deserving youngster.

These dedicated young dog lovers that spent countless hours training and grooming their dogs through different techniques make their way to the New York City, Madison Square for this prestigious junior dog handling competition is became part of the junior completion known as the Junior Showmanship.

When and Where is the Junior Showmanship?

The Junior Showmanship 2020 will be held on Monday, February 10th. On this day, the judging panel will assess the Terrier Breeds, Non-Sporting Breeds, Toy Breeds and also look through the Junior Showmanship Preliminaries Day 1.

Here the panel will assess the Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting & Herding Group. They will be judged at Madison Square Garden. On Tuesday, February 11th the team will embark on Sporting Breeds, Working Breeds, and the Junior Showmanship Preliminaries Day 2.

This day, the Junior Showmanship Finals will also be held and the judging will include the Sporting Group, Working Group, Terrier Group and the Best in Show. The judging takes place at Madison Square Garden.

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How to Show the Mouth

Most dog breeds are determined with their mouths. The mouth will play a key role here. Because of that, juniors should properly display the mouth of their respective breeds.

  •  Bite: Show the front
  • Teeth: Show the front and all the teeth on the sides
  • Mouth: Show the front, the side teeth and also open mouth.

How To Watch the Junior Showmanship

Anyone who wants to watch the Junior Showmanship in 2020 can tune to the USA Network. They can also live stream from the CNBC network. There are many other options that they can also use to watch the Junior Showmanship such as the TV Networks:

  • AppleTV
  • Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Samsung TV
  • Android TV
  • Youtube
  • Hulu Tv

NOTE:  Guys who don’t live in the USA can use Virtual Private Networks -VPN. VPNs will spoof your location and make it appear as if you were watching from the USA.

Best Junior Handler’s List 2019

Here is the best junior handler’s list of 2019. It includes the winner and the finalists at the event.

1st: Madeline Buehler

2nd: Hunter Calvelage

3rd: Melony Lopez

4th: Victoria Tarr


The Westminster Kennel Club holds the Junior Showmanship to congratulate and award the juniors for their super cool continued involvement in the future success of the sport.