Things to Do During Westminster Dog Show 2020

Events in Westminster Dog Show 2020

The Westminster Dog Show is celebrating its 144th anniversary in 2020. With just one week away from the show, its time to see what Westminster has to offer us. Find what you can do in Westminster Dog Show 2020 Events. The show will take place at the heart of New York City. And as you come to New York, its vibrancy, exciting places always offer people a thrilling experience. So, have you made your ‘bucket list’ for the 2020 show in the Capital of the World?

Let’s take a look at the things you can do in New York, from enjoying the dog show to visit the famous Statue of Liberty.

Events in Westminster Dog Show 2020

Westminster Dog Show 2020 to do List

The 2020 Westminster Dog Show will open in grandeur on February 08 and will continue till February 11.  As you witness different breeds of kennels in the show, there’s no harm expending some time to roam around the city. You have lots of options to choose from in the city. But depending on your tight schedule (Supposedly most of your focus will be on the dogs) and budget, we have enlisted the must-visit places for you.

One World Trade Center Observatory

No one misses paying a visit at this super-tall giant structure as they come in the NYC. As you visit the famous building built on the ravage of the original World Trade Center, you will undoubtedly enjoy the stunning New York City with its ever-changing views. Its super-fast elevators will take you from Floor 01 to Floor 102 in less than 60 seconds. You will fall in love with its beautiful ad dazzling purple and golden color.
You will always cherish it deep in your heart.

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The Empire State Building

Previously titled as the world’s tallest building, The Empire State building is situated in Midtown Manhattan. Its Art Deco style looks eye-pleasing that attracts millions of visitors each year. Nevertheless, its attraction isn’t limited to its style only. Instead, its observatory on the 86th and 102nd floor provide a 360° view of New York City. This is breathtaking. Remember, your visit to Westminster is incomplete without a visit to the Empire State Building.

Madison Square Garden

This is by far the most popular Show Arena in the world with a capacity of 20,789 people. The Garden was shifted in the current location of Midtown Manhattan in 1968. It’s within walking distance from the Empire State building.

You may enjoy a variety of sporting events and concerts in Madison Square Garden. This will be your lifetime moment.

Westminster Dog Show 2020 Events

While you keep visiting the NYC, you must have the thirst to know what’s going on in Westminster Kennel show.

Purina Pro Plan Show Dogs of the Year Awards

If you love the dog and like being around them, you can’t miss this show. Dog News Magazine is the proud partner of the show. It will take place on Saturday, February 09. The dog exhibition will happen in Gotham Hall.

This show is an ‘Invitation Only’ show.

Dog Writers Association of America’s

The Dog Writers Association of America was established way back in 1935. Since then, it has been giving some of the most wonderful kennel writings to dog lovers.

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The 2020 DWAA show is scheduled on February 09, 2020, on Saturday at the famous Holiday Inn Secaucus Meadowlands. The event will happen from 5 pm to 10 pm, and it is open to all. Don’t forget to meet the most amazing writers and know what they have to say. It will definitely be an eye-opener for all.

About Hunt Test 101

This is a unique exhibition of the sheer ability of the different dog breeds. The event’s main attraction is its Field Trial. It is a mock hunting competition. During the race, each breed showcases its purposeful ability to breed. The show is an opportunity for the dogs to earn points for the AKC Field and Amateur Field Championships.

The Field Trial is divided into different sections according to the various breeds. These are

  • Trailing hounds
  • Pointing breeds
  • Flushing breeds
  • Retrieving breeds

The American Kennel Club (AKC) provides the license to different clubs to arrange the trial.

Final Words

Westminster Dog Show is a fantastic opportunity to witness the best breeds in the world. Besides, you can roam around NYC in your leisure time as well. Overall, you will have an exciting weekend in NYC as you see the Kennel show and some of the most iconic spots of the city.

We wish you a happy time at the show.