Watch National Dog Show 2021 Live Stream

National Dog Show Live Stream

December has always been a special month for dog lovers, especially for those who are fond of purebreds. Guess what, the reason for such fascination for December is mainly due to the famous AKC National Dog Show. Sponsored by Royal Canin, National Dog Show hits the dog-loving hearts with a thunderstorm of cute, loveable, and outstanding dogs and their performance.
Since it is the biggest event for dogs and for dogs in the world, there is rarely any canine fan who will miss the show. Sadly, not everyone will be able to attend the 19th show in Orlando, Florida, and thus, the only option is to watch it live.
But how do they live to stream the most excellent dog show on earth? This guideline will take you through the different ways on how to watch the National Dog Show 2021 live stream using different TVs, apps, and online channels.

National Dog Show 2021
Date: November 26, 2020
Start Time: 12 PM to 2 PM- ET.
Live Stream: Watch Here
TV Coverage: NBC-TV
Location: The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

National Dog Show 2019


National Dog Show TV Schedule 2021

For those who want to join the live streaming session during the AKC National Dog Championship, it is a prerequisite that they know the details of the event. It will help them to schedule their daily routines accordingly on the event time and decide which major program of the event they would like to focus on.
Since this biggest event showcases 193 recognized purebreds by AKC in seven different categories, it is essential to know the details.

1st Day Schedule :

On the first day of the show, judges’ panel will mark the –

  • Sporting breeds- Originally developed to help gamers in hunting sessions.
  • Toy dogs- This is an excellent companion for human beings with their cute looking pint size.
  • Non-sporting breeds- They developed not for hunting or companionship instead of fulfilling different purposes.
  • Hounds- In this category, all purebred hounds will be judged.

2nd Day Schedule :

On the second day of the championship judges’ panel will decide the-

  • Working- It classifies working canines that are engaged in different works such as polishing and so on.
  • Terrier: All Terrier purebreds will be on the show under this classification.
  • Herding: These are excellent family dogs and love to engage themselves in different works to remain active.
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Apart from these seven categories, on the first day, there will be an added event, namely Junior Showmanship, where not the dogs but human kids aging between nine to eighteen will actively take part to show their canine handling and recognizing skills as well as their sportsmanship with their loving dogs. It is quite a new addition to inspire the youngsters to love and take care of the canine family with purity and consistency.

On the 2nd day, the judge’s panel will announce the winners in seven different categories, each achieving the title of Best Dogs in their respective class.

Where to Watch the Live Stream

Now comes the all-important questions. Where shall you watch the live telecast of the National Dog Show 2021? Since dog lovers await the year-round for the show to begin, the event venue remains crowded and clumsy. So, many people prefer staying at home and watch the live streaming. Furthermore, people living in distant states and countries might not be able to eyewitness the 5000+ dog show.

For these people, the American Kennel Club (AKC) has developed its TV channel to broadcast different dog shows all the year-round. Famously known as, this channel will live broadcast the show on various platforms.

National Dog Show Live

So, this December, sit in front of your Roku or Wrangler device and pause the remote button on if you can’t get out of home in a wet Florida day or if you are house-arrested by your loving kids, or else you live in a distant place.
Not only will live stream the show of 193 recognized breeds fighting to achieve the champion title, but also Animal Planet will air the program on January 1, 2021. But that might be too late for people like you who are eagerly waiting for the event to life the curtain.
We can’t help but thank for their generosity to make them available in different platforms for different devices apart from their online Tv channel. At present, they are available in Roku, their website, Apple Store, and Google Play Store adding excellent convenience to the audience across the globe.

With so many options, you need not feel anxious about missing any moments of the dog show. Now you can sit in the coziness of your home and still watch the show live, all thanks to and the broadcasters. But how does your setup on your device or how you can subscribe on the channel to watch live streaming?
Passionately read the below instructions for the detailed description of the subscription and installing process of AKC Tv.

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How to Install and Subscribe To AKC.Tv For Live Streaming

There is an array of various platforms to watch the National Dog Show 2021 live stream through AKC Tv. watch Different platforms have different installation process with a more or less same subscription procedure. These are as followed

National Dog Show Watching via Roku

Roku is the most popular, cost-effective, and convenient platform to watch different tv channels online and through smart devices. You can watch the live streaming on Roku. It is easy and costs little.

The process is described below-

  • Connect your Roku devices with your tv using the HDMI connection. If you are using an older version TV, you may use a composite built cable to connect your tv Roku device.
  • Set up your internet connection with the Roku players since they need a reliable internet connection for live streaming programs.
  • After that, set up your Roku account through the Roku website by following the required guideline.
  • Log into your account and activate the Roku device.
  • Now search for and start watching the live streaming of this year’s dog championship.
  • Additionally, there is an option to an alert system to remind you of switching to right on the time-14th and 15th December.

Watching live streaming of this year National Championship Dog show will be a treat for your eyes.

Directly From AKC.Tv Online

If you don’t have a Roku device and account, there’s nothing to worry about. You can directly visit the homepage using your personal computer, laptop or smartphone and watch different shows live. They have been already initiating various programs on-air as a roadmap to National Dog Championship so that viewers remain updated about the program schedule and coming events.

The process is simple and convenient.

  • Visit official homepage
  • Click on their TV option
  • Start watching, isn’t it lovely?

National Dog Show Via Amazon Fire Tv

AKC is also available on Amazon’s official channel. To watch National Dog Championship on Amazon, you will additionally need to subscribe to Amazon Fire tv according to their guidelines. It requires a minimum subscription fee, just like Roku.

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National Dog Show On Apple and Android device has developed its unique app for Apple and Android users. Now, it is really a great thing and deserves much appreciation.

For Apple users-

  • Download and install the app from the Apple store.
  • Follow the instructions and fill up the necessary information.
  • After completing the procedure, you can start watching a favorite dog show.

For Android users-

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Find, download, and install the app.
  • Now follow the instructions to complete the submission form (if there is any).
  • That’s all. Now you can watch it- how nice!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need to subscribe to

Yes, you will have to subscribe to the live streaming. The subscription details will be available on different platforms following their requirements.

Can I watch the program later?

Although not an impressive idea, there is an opportunity to watch the Dog Show later on. Animal Planet will premiere the program live on January 1, 2021. So, in case you miss any live moments, it will be available to watch later.

Can I watch the National Dog Show Live Stream on Youtube?

Unfortunately, there is no Youtube channel of, and so, you won’t be able to enjoy the program on Youtube. Furthermore, uploading any unauthorized telecast of the program on Youtube or other video platforms without the prior approval of the responsible authority will be a violation of the telecast and copyright act.


Recently, many people were asking about information on how to watch National Dog Show 2021 live stream from different platforms. This guideline has thus included all possible options and criteria so that one could use any of these accessible, convenient, and affordable ways to watch the most excellent dog show of this year live.

Since is the only official broadcaster of the event, you will need to subscribe to their channel and later use different platforms to watch the program. Nonetheless, you won’t have to Einstein to watch the live stream. It is effortless and convenient. So, get your gears ready and wait till the curtains open up.