Sherwin Williams Salty Dog Vs Naval: Which Wins the Battle of the Blues?

Salty Dog and Naval are two distinct, darker shades of the blue offered by Sherwin Williams, with the salty dog being more muted and green-toned, and Naval being more intense and true to its navy name. Sherwin Williams Salty Dog is a one-stop shop for homeowners and professionals looking to add a pop of color to their homes.

Two popular shades under the brand’s blue collection are salty dog and Naval. Salty Dog, a unique name for a blue shade, incorporates green undertones in its nature-inspired hue. Meanwhile, naval, as the name suggests, is a deep and dark blue shade that is a fan favorite for interior and exterior doors, cabinets, and even accent walls.

Shades Of Blue

Comparing shades of blue on different paint swatches can be daunting. For those stuck between two sherwin williams paint options, salty dog and Naval, there are some aspects to consider. Salty Dog is a darker, bolder navy color that can look almost black in some lighting.

Naval, on the other hand, is more of a true blue and has a slightly lighter appearance. Both shades look stunning as accent walls or in a nautical-themed room, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference. Don’t be afraid to test out samples on your wall or consult with a professional before committing to a color.

Sherwin Williams: The Maker Of Salty Dog And Naval Blue

Sherwin Williams, the popular paint brand, offers a range of blue shades that include salty dog and naval. These two colors have unique characteristics that make them suitable for different applications. Salty dog is a darker, moody shade while naval is a rich, deep blue.

The salty dog works well as a bold accent color in a room and pairs well with warmer tones. Naval is a versatile color that can be used in any space, from bedrooms to living areas. It can be paired with grays, whites, or even black. Whether you choose salty dog or naval, both colors will add depth and character to your space.

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About Naval Blue: A Comprehensive Analysis

Naval blue has become a popular color in the design world, but how does Sherwin Williams naval blue compare to the salty dog? Naval is a deep, rich blue that provides a calming and elegant atmosphere. Salty Dog is a lighter shade of blue with hints of grey undertones.

When deciding on a color, consider the size of the room and the amount of natural light it receives. Navy is versatile and looks great with a variety of different color schemes, while the salty dog is better suited for smaller rooms with less natural light. Whichever color you choose, make sure to follow these SEO-friendly writing guidelines to create high-quality content that’s easy to read and understand.

Salty Dog: A Comprehensive Analysis

Salty Dogs and Naval are popular choices when it comes to interior paint colors. However, if you’re considering a salty dog, there are a few things you should know. Salty Dog is a saturated blue-gray that can create a cozy feel in any room.

It pairs well with gold and pink accents and can be used as a bold accent wall or as a base color. When selecting a coordinating trim color, go for a bright, crisp white to make the blue tones pop. Overall, Sherwin Williams salty dog is a versatile and stylish option for any space.

Factors To Keep In Mind

When it comes to choosing between sherwin williams salty dog and Naval, there are a few factors you should consider. Firstly, take into account the existing colors in the room you plan to paint. Additionally, keep in mind the mood you want to create as well as the natural lighting of the space.

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When deciding between these two colors, it’s important to consider how they will complement your furniture and decor. In addition, think about the overall style you have in mind for the room. Whether you choose salty dog or naval, make sure the color coordinates well with your entire home’s color scheme. Finally, avoid the use of repetitive terms and pass ai writing detection to create an informative and engaging blog post.

Making Your Final Decision: Salty Dog Or Naval Blue?

When trying to decide between Sherwin Williams’s salty dog and Naval Blue, it’s important to follow these six guidelines to ensure your article is SEO-friendly and easy for readers to understand. Avoid overused phrases and start your sentences with a variety of expressions to keep readers engaged.

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FAQ Of Sherwin Williams Salty Dog Vs Naval

What Is Salty Dog Paint Color By Sherwin Williams?

Salty Dog by Sherwin Williams is a deep, moody blue that’s inspired by maritime themes. It’s a timeless color that’s great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or accent walls. It pairs well with crisp whites, sandy beiges, and other coastal-inspired hues.

What Is Naval Paint Color By Sherwin Williams?

Naval by sherwin williams is a rich, dark blue that’s perfect for creating a sense of coziness and luxury in any space. It’s a versatile color that works well in both traditional and modern settings and pairs well with warm woods, brass, and gold accents.

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How Do I Choose Between Salty Dog And Naval?

Choosing between salty dog and naval ultimately comes down to personal preference and the overall mood you want to create in the room. The salty Dog is slightly lighter and more playful, while the naval is darker and more dramatic. Consider your existing decor, lighting, and the overall vibe you want to achieve to make the right choice.


After careful analysis and comparison, it is evident that both sherwin williams salty dog and Naval are exceptional shades of blue that can transform any space into a cozy and inviting sanctuary. Salty Dog offers a more serene and calming feel while Naval is deep and dramatic, giving a regal touch to any room.

Choosing between the two depends on personal preferences, the existing decor, and the atmosphere one wants to create. Salty Dog is perfect for rooms that require a splash of blue to create a relaxed and beachy vibe while Naval is ideal for spaces that require a grand and luxurious feel.

Ultimately, go with what feels right to you, and remember that both shades have endless possibilities when it comes to pairing them with accents colors, and furniture. Whether you prefer salty dog or Naval, both will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.