What is New in the Westminster dog show 2021

New in the Westminster dog show 2021

Westminster Dog show is here again, but with a new and exciting twist! The United States-based Dog display competition hosted yearly by the Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden; Manhattan will take a new turn this year. The show, which has been an age-long popular tradition held and annually graced by numerous dog lovers in Manhattan, will now be moved outdoors to Lyndhurst, an estate in Westchester County, New York City.

This new development results from the Organizers’ efforts to conduct the Event in strict compliance with the social distancing principles and regulations on public health brought about by the COVID- 19 Pandemic restrictions. The new venue, Lyndhurst, is no stranger in the dog show game, as it has hosted quite a number over the past three decades.

New in the Westminster dog show 2021

New Breeds At Westminster, 2021

Westminster officially announced that they are adding new breeds at the WKC dog show. Westminster already has 209 eligible breeds and this time they are adding 6 more breeds. WKC officially announced they adding Barbet, Biewer Terrier, Belgian Laekenois, and Dogo Argentino breeds. In this post, we will describe new WKC breeds. Westminster working to join all breeds at the WKC show will be a great thing. Around the world, many people are supporting WKC every dog owner’s dream to be the Best In Show.

Did you get to meet the two new AKC-recognized breeds for last year? It will be more exciting this year as you will get to meet an addition to this round of species. Like the barbet, the Belgian Laekenois, the Dogo Argentino, and the newest, i.e., the Biewer Terrier, a German-developed long-haired and amusing dog, will join the 208 eligible breeds at the Westminster dog show for its 145th annual presentation. These dogs will compete alongside hundreds of dogs in the two-day Event – 12 and 13 June.

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Barbet dog also called French water dog this dog looks so cute for its long hair. This dog is so famous for every dog lover this is the main reason to take these breeds into the WKC show. If you are an owner of a Barbet dog then you can participate in the Westminster dog show. Barbet is new to the sporting groups this is the first time this breed dog precipitate on WKC. This is a great opportunity for the Barbet owner.

New Judging Panel For Westminster Dog Show.

Due to the slight change in the date and venue, the management has made some adjustments to the show’s judging panel. Two new breed judges, Mr. James Mitchell and Dr. Elliot More, will be added to the board.

In specific categories, the judges are; Dr. Elliot More, Ms. Kimberly Meredith, and Ms. Sharon Redmer for the working breed; Ms. Pamela Bruce, Hon. James Phinizy, Mrs. Jan Swayze-Curry, Mr. Harold Tatro, Ms. Bonnie Threlfall, and Mrs. Robin Wallis for the Hound Breed.

The Terrier breed is Mr. David Kirkland, Mr. Dan Ericsson, Mrs. Knowlton Reynders, and Ms. Bonnie Threlfal. The above is a fraction of the judges present to observe and judge in the competition.

How To Book RV

Furthermore, in compliance with New York COVID 19 regulations, which will debar the regular number of spectators in attendance. As a result of the number of participants at various events and the old Lyndhurst estate, parking at the show would be limited to non Recreational vehicles this year. The Event will, therefore, not be open to numerous physical attendees or Vendors.

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For RV reservation, the Westminster Kennel Club has made arrangements for bookings at these hotels;

  • Edith Macy Center, 550 Chappaqua Road, Briarcliff 10510. WKC can make the reservations either through the website; https://www.edithmacy.com or email; pcaulfield@edithmacy.com.

The booking code is; WKC621.

  • Taylor Farm Park in Norwalk will be taking bookings for the reservations too, and WKC RV can get details and information here; pennybgl@nycap.rr.com.

The bookings at this hotel would only be on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

WCK 2021 Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Information includes the new date for Masters Obedience Championship(Sunday, 13 June 2021) and the New Entry limit for the Masters’ Agility Championship (350 entries). This show is a great chance to witness various breeds of man’s best companion exhibited in all their glory. Don’t miss it!